The Gift of Water

Chapter I


23 November – 4 December 2017

“Without perception of the present, time passes without being lived. We always come from somewhere, striving
forward, always heading somewhere. Restlessness. Emptiness in life is resulting. 

The photographic vision allows a change in the perception of one’s own life – an access to a true inner attitude.
By means of photography, the present finally lay open before me.”


Inspired by his emotional connection to nature, SaySay.Love – a fine art photographer working only with his iPhone – sees the limitations of using his phone as both a challenge and an opportunity. Born with an optical disability that hinders his perception of depth, speed and distance, SaySay’s artistic vision remains pure. It is vibrant, quick and eclectic, and transports his viewers into the very fabric of our being, lending an insight and breakthrough into the very workings of our complex planet. SaySay’s photographic works present a calm and considered observation of nature, expressed through his own personal painterly style as feeling throughout the various images.

SaySay seeks out the beautiful complexity of nature presenting it in emotive and mesmerising motifs that draw the viewer in – compelled on a journey lured by the visual clues that take you further and further away from your existing reality. This is SaySay’s universe. He unlocks familiar memories and experiences from our subconscious – time spent as a child exploring rock pools, walking with a loved one in a familiar setting, or times when you were inspired by the unlimited beauty and ow in nature.


 Selection from the exhibited artwork

Making of – “The Gift of Water”

“The Gift of Water” – Raising awareness on global water crisis

A view behind the curtain of the new exhibition at ONE11 Gallery in Cape Town

Opening night

A few impressions from the opening night of the exhibition

VIP Dinner


Ton Vosloo and Anet Pienaar-Vosloo
Board Member of Multichoice South Africa and a director of Media24.

Carol Bouwer
Television presenter, producer

Temba Mvusi
Chief Executive of Market Development at Sanlam.

Oliver Nurock
Events & External Relations Manager at Lalela Project.

Exhibition Catalogue

latest artwork from the abstract water series 2017

Limited edition prints

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More about SaySay.Love

Saysay.Love is a visual activist who spends his time between Cape Town and Berlin. He has made a name for himself with the series entitled the ‘Gift of Water’ which brought attention to the water crises facing the Western Cape in 2018 and will see him present a new body of work in 2019 touching on themes such as “Faked Perfection”, “intimate loneliness” and “Sex with Things”

SaySay.Love shares his unique way of seeing the world through the work he creates. Born with an optical disability that affects his ability to see the world three-dimensionally, SaySay.Love has a different perspective which comes across in his suggestive and provocative work.

His photography is layered with symbolism and based on his emotional experiences and reflections on the social issues. SaySay.Love is passionate about education and the role it plays in social change, supporting a number of charities with the proceeds of his work.


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