Berlin Art Week • Art Fabrique X-Lane Berlin
26th September – 7th October 2018 / Berlin, Germany


Are we, as a society, losing touch with reality. Is our quest for the perception of perfect so important that we are becoming disconnected from true human emotions?

In the late 19th Century, Neo-romanticism as well as romanticism was frequently thought of as the opposite to naturalism which was seen as aggressive or foreign. Naturalism opposed romanticism as misleading and a disconnect from reality.

Isn’t this though the our current reality? Are we not mislead by technology and social media to believe in a reality that is fake? Surely we need to reconnect with our romantic selves, to dream, to feel, to love and be accepted as who we are and not what the world considers perfect?
Today’s society is sensible, planned, bureaucratic, rational, scientific and sterile. This is not a suitable environment to foster love, romance and soulfulness.

This is the underlying story of artist SaySay.love’s and his upcoming solo exhibition opening on the 26th September 2018 at the Art Fabrique.

SaySay uses the photographs of mannequins as the symbolism of the world we currently live in, emphasising this disconnect from reality. Their exterior representing a fake perfection of what women and men think they should look like, flawless with perfect smiles living perfect lives we misleadingly portray on social media. He says we can all take the perfect selfie, show the world we are social beings, out having fun in trendy places, living the dream, but asks the question; are we truly happy?


A few impressions from the opening night (Photos by Kirill Butirin)


The artist says the mannequins also highlight the androgyny of life, where we are more and more confused by who we are.  In some cases, unable to identify often as a gender. Are we male, female, male and female or we an IT? As we fight for our place, for our right to be identified and treated as whatever we choose, we lose the core essence of being a human with a soul.  A soul that wants to be loved, to feel love, happiness, comfort and warmth, with real human smiles, a hand to hold and someone with whom you can be your true self. Why does our self worth depend on how many likes we get, how many followers we have, how many FB friends we have or how many views we get on YouTube?

Loneliness is on the increase as we struggle to connect with people and form healthy relationships.  Will we become like Mannequins? Are we already like Mannequins? Emotionless, soulless, androgynous? For some, this loneliness may mean we turn to inanimate objects to fill the void.  There is a trend where people form relationships with things and even have sexual encounters with these things which for them, is ever present, never judgemental and trustworthy.

Is this the world we want to live in?

Curated by Anna Sarre, well known visual and performance art curator from Berlin, the exhibition will show a selection of photographs accompanied by philosophical messages and video installation from Art Lab Intimate Loneliness.  



Anna Sarre also curated the artist’s Moscow exhibition, “There is no more water here” in May and ran the  The Art laboratory INTIMATE LONELINESS, in Berlin in July.  Initiated by SaySay.love and developed by Anna Sarra, The art laboratory “Intimate Loneliness” was an artistic interdisciplinary collaboration, which aimed to explore personal sexual boundaries and anxieties in the social context.  At the end of the art laboratory the participants exhibited the results of their artistic exploration through various visual and performance techniques. The collaboration included artists, directors, performers, video artists, photographers, costume designers and dramaturges.  Some of the results of the art lab will be part of the exhibition “Faked Perfection”


The venue will host art exhibitions with many other wonderful artists powered by Music.art.berlin at Berlin Art Week at X LANE Berlin

Exhibition starts on the Wednesday 26th of September at 6pm and runs until the 7th of October.
Art Fabrique hosted by Music.Art.Berlin, SaySayLove SBKG.

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Art Fabrique, X-Lane Berlin
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