The International Art Laboratory – Intimate Loneliness

June 28 – July 4  2018 / Berlin, Germany

A fun and unconventional way to express your ideas about self-satisfaction in contemporary society and loneliness in private life. At the end of the laboratory there will be a performance based on the acknowledged theater director Yury Muravitsky from the Theater DOC, Moscow and an art exhibition of SaySay.Love, a Berlin-based photographer. Curated by Anna Sarre.


Art Laboratory is a form of an investigation on the current social change, happening on the basis of collaboration and conversation among the art-makers and art-scholars. At the end of the art, there is a collective work that summarizes the outcome of this investigation, which will be shown as part of the art exhibition. The first display will take place in Berlin.


“Sex mit den Dingen” stands for the current trend within the contemporary society to choose self-satisfaction over the exchange of mutual corporeal sympathy. This behavior demonstrates the rights of individuals to achieve and prove independence from others, and leads to the development of personal borders, which prevent any reciprocation of empathy. Can we still experience mutual sexual interest? Do we need another partner to meet our sexual demands? Or is sex “alone” enough for us? These are the main questions about the idea of ​​SaySayLove (photographer, architect), the main curator of the laboratory Anna Sarre and co-curator Arina Abelev and a notable theater maker Jurij Muravitskj from Moscow’s independent theater scene. Share your visions with us and let it travel in Europe.


For further information contact us on the official event page.



The Final Showing of Art Laboratory “Intimate Loneliness”

Curator and General Producer: Anna Sarre
Support and idea: SaySay Love
Director: Юрий Муравицкий
Co-Curator: Arina Abelev

• Photo Exhibition by SaySay.Love “Sex mit Dingen”

• Audio Project “Within my reach”, by Megan Voysey , voiced by Siri

• Video Installation “Transturbation”, Jurij Muravitskij, Алена Стырикович Camera: Vladimir Kotov

• Project by SaySay.Love “Medical Things”:

– Video Installation. Director: Jurij Muravitsky. Camera: Vladimir Kotov. Actors: from the Laboratory

– Art installation, SKIP, SaySay.Love/ Sarre/ Илья Кипоренко

• Photo-Multimedia Project “Roentgen”, By: Vladimir Kotov / Ekaterina Ageeva / Ilja Kiporenko

• Video Installation “Loneliness. Variety. My fetish”. Camera: Vladimir Kotov. Clothing: Label Fuenf bei Ekaterina Musina. Idea: Anna Sarre. With: the whole team of the Laboratory.

• Video Art “Pornjectify” by Ofelia María, Camera Alena Styrikovich, Actors from the laboratory

• Fashion Installation by Fashion designer Ekaterina Zdanowicz-Musina, Label «Fuenf» / Michaela Zunderer

• Multimedia 3-D Object “Human with dogs. New Family” by Anna Sarre / станислав глазов / Vladimir Kotov. With: Fluffy and Elbrus

• Multimedia Art Project “Touch” by Vladimir Kotov / Stanislav Glasov