“Without perception of the present, time passes without being lived. We always come from somewhere, striving forward, always heading somewhere. Restlessness. If we do not pause, emptiness results; for life is lived in the moment. The photographic vision allows a change in the perception of one’s own life – the ephemeral made still for communing. By means of photography, the present finally lay open before me.”

His website entitled “I cannot see” is a platform for him to share with the world his passion for capturing moments in life and nature that will hopefully speak to your heart and soul

His passion for life and love is evident and is infectious. A vibrant, enigmatic gentleman with eclectic tastes that make him stand apart from the crowd. In his presence, you easily feel his energy and love and passion for life and this transcends into his photographs

Saysay was a successful entrepreneur, which has afforded him the luxury of being “retired” at the tender age of 50. He has the ability to see opportunity in many things and brings new life into them. In a way this is what he has done with his photographs. However, what sets Saysay apart in this platform is his optical handicap so to speak… Because of a condition that he was born with, he is not able to see in 3D and is mostly blind in his right eye, which makes it difficult for him to determine depth and distance and speed. He doesn’t feel the fear of deep.


In his everyday journey in life, his is often inspired by moments such as walking along a beach, in the mountains, along a busy street or sitting in a side café, or observing scenes of people going about their everyday tasks. And the excitement for him is capturing that moment that speaks to him, that reaches into his heart. And this is what he would like to share with you, in essence he is sharing with you the joy and love in his life


Not constricted by societal norms and the black and white, either/or of life, he sees life in all dimensions and relates emotionally to life in the here and now and lives in its daily passions and is grateful to be a part of it and only has love to share.



His pictures have an innocence and naivety about them that allows the viewer the freedom to enjoy only the beauty that speaks to them. There are a few different themes so as a viewer you are not limited to one area of focus and this allows you to see the diversity of Saysay’s inspiration. This is an invitation to look with the inner eyes ….


The photographs are almost all accentuated to give the pictures and the motif a meaning. All photographs were taken with his iPhone. The limitation of the device is an incentive and a blessing. In order to let the beauty of the creation of flowers speak for itself, he does not tamper with them too much – as he says ‘perhaps adds some lipstick’. The post processing is done on his smartphone app and is therefore the result of what the heart and eye decide at that moment in time. Post processing happens almost immediately so that the essence of the moment is captured in all its innocence.


Born in Berlin, Germany. 1962. Living on both ends of the world, Berlin and Cape Town. Pull with the birds

1962 – Born

1964 – kindergarten

1968 – School

1971 – I fell in love with my English teacher

1973 – I earned my first money

1977 – School and Entrepreneurship

1978 – DJ, I love music

1979 – first time bust

1981 – school finished

– –       Entrepreneur, my life long.

1993 – My son was born

2003 – Once Ironman. Done.

2012 – self retired.

2013 – I am now my own project. Ongoing